Farm Party Ideas for Kids

Kids are always known to love animals, so Farm Party for kids will be a hit for most kids. This type of party can be arranged in a variety of ways as shown below.

Cowboy and Ranch Party. This type of party usually takes up a whole day. Arrange for you and your party to meet on a ranch. You can go see the horses in the stables. Let the children see where horses live and what they eat and how they have to be groomed. Maybe you can arrange for a rodeo show. Eat home-cooked meals while sitting by the fire and bring along a guitar and do a sing-along. Children love hiking and you can take your party on a hiking trail.

Farm Field Trip. A field trip to a farm is an enjoyable experience. It’s not an everyday experience for urban kids to visit a farm, so Farm Parties hold something exciting and different for them. They can learn how to milk a cow or a goat or at least watch one being milked. In addition, they can try freshly processed milk and cheese and even homemade apple and strawberry pie. Kids enjoy playing with and petting farm animals. Maybe even a corn maze can be set up in a patch of corn and this one of the most fun farm games that kids enjoy. If it’s harvest time, your group can pick corn, strawberries or other vegetables from the field. These can be taken home to eat or to keep as a souvenir (dried corn).

Hayride. Hayrides can take place any time of the year but would be best in the fall. Under supervision, kids can enjoy a hayride. Your party group can enjoy this ride while singing and clapping hands. The farm and woods scenery will be a fantastic experience for the kids.

Animal Party. Request that the group dress up as different farm animals. Play games such as the „Farmer in the Dell“ or „Duck-Duck Goose“. Other fun games like pinning the tail on the donkey or cow or pig will be interesting too. „Ring toss“ is another option for games.

Fall Barn and Character Party. Decorate your home with objects like hay or cornstalks. For the occasion, you may also make a sawhorse cow or horse. Ask your guests to come dressed in clothing representative of early colonial days. This type of party is especially fun during Thanksgiving time. There are numerous activities for these farm parties depending on the time of the year it is held. For example in the fall, after a cold day, many kids like to sip on warm apple cider. The children can help to make farm-themed place settings, such as cup holders or a cornstalk table centerpiece.

If the party takes place around Christmas time then the children may want to help in making wreaths out of freshly picked or artificial evergreen.

If you plan to have a farm party, then you need farm food. Prepare homemade pies, cornbread or cake decorated like a barn. If you have kids dressed up as animals, you may want to make a „grain mix“ for them. „Grain mix“ contains items such as pretzels, corn pops, checked rice and other cereals mixed together. You can make this party mix yourself of buy cereal party mixes in the store.

For the party goody bag, instead of the traditional bag, try to give it a farm theme too. Put farm toys inside a straw hat to give to each child to take home.

There is a lot of planning to do when you want to hold a farm party, so plan early. You can either seek advise from some parents who have done so before, or hire a professional party planner if you do not want to handle the details.

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