Commercial Agents – Tips for Inspecting Properties for Sale or Lease

When it Comes to Inspect Commercial Property Today, It Is Gathering All That Information about the Property, the Precinct, and Local Property Activity.

The following information will come in handy:

  1. Get the plans and drawings relating to the improvements on the property. These plans should give you an idea of ​​the age of the property and the original configuration when first constructed. If the property looks different today, then some alterations have come to pass. Marketing a property is currently not approved for the configuration or at present currently can lead to significant problems in the sale and settlement process. The due diligence process carried out by a property buyer prior to settlement usually requires any discrepancies in construction approvals. The local building authority or planning board would have given their consent to any legal changes to the property. The property owner may have some knowledge here, but will always make your own inquiries at the planning office.
  2. The title to the property wants to give you some idea as to where the boundaries are located. Ask the property owner about the property boundaries and any potential encroachments that may exist. If you have any doubts regards property boundaries, it is best to get a property surveyor to re-peg the boundary points. As part of the process you can also speak of the relationship between properties across the boundaries.
  3. The services and amenities to the property are important to property purchasers and tenants. In many cases, you may be required to; this is the case with energy capability and supply from the power grid within the street. This is more relevant to industrial types or building occupiers that need greater levels of energy for manufacturing.
  4. Ask about special factors such as environmental matters, heritage issues, and energy consumption. These three issues provide significant challenges for property owners and occupants today. The property is used or occupied. When in doubt, the local property authority to understand these things and get written evidence of the issue in question. Written evidence may be provided to acquaintances buyers or tenants as the case may be.

These are some of the key facts to investigate in a commercial, industrial or retail property. When you have this information you can inspect the subject matter effectively and fully understand it. The end result is a better listing for you to take to the market.

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