Building a Chicken House – 5 Important Design Aspects

Proper Ventilation

When it comes to building a chicken house it is imperative that you take proper care of it the intensity of noon-time heat. Free flowing inflow of air in the building can tremendously help keep the temperature from rising; making the chickens fully comfortable.

Good Drainage

Chickens must be dry most of the time; and you must avoid getting them wet. For this reason, the coop must have well designed drainage system that fully flushes the water out of the building; they are also highly susceptible to various health issues and diseases. which could affect the entire poultry.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is essential in keeping the chickens warm during the night when the environment is cold; as well as during winter time and cold season. Bear in mind that chickens are not sensitive to extremely hot conditions; The room temperature is going down.


Cleaning and maintenance is important since this can greatly affect the poultry; in terms of health.
So, you must give commission for cleaning; Ensuring that it is very easy to clean.


Of course, when building a chicken house it is ideal to make your coop look good in your property or farm. Here, it may be highly recommended to have some creativity in making its design and appearance.

Therefore, when building a chicken house always keep in mind the aforesaid design factors because they can greatly affect the success of your business; failure to consider some of the vital aspects of the design can tremendously make a lot of differences on the overall condition of the poultry and your business.

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Source by Nazriel Ilham

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