Are You Selling Your Home?

First and foremost, you need the help of a real estate professional to get the right market value for your home. Like the guys in Telluride Real Estate Corporation or those of Telluride Properties, a real professional broker or agent can apprise you of the going rates for homes like yours in your area, even if these quotes periodically change. When they tell you, it's the market value, they think it's an idea of ​​the house in mind, and if yours does not measure it, then the value will be lower. It is now up to you to increase the market value of your house to the optimum.

Next, property values ​​can depreciate and this must be clear. If it is seedy-looking and uncared-for, with a lot of grass in the yard or leaves in the downtpout, then the value will surely be a lot less. Ditto if it is located in an undesirable neighborhood, even if the house is made of A-1 materials. So make the necessary allowances for them in your asking price, or if you want to raise your price.

Third, a house without problems sells higher. No dripping faucets, leaky roof, stuck-up window sills, worn carpet or malfunctioning water heater or radiator. Repairs are so mandatory if you want a higher price. Count up so the garage is converted into an office or bedroom. Remember this repairs in the woodwork can be covered up with paint so that termite-eaten windowsill should be reworked and painted over. On the other hand, it's just the right thing to do. The buyer who sees it is going to be the same to all parts of the house.

Additions to the house also raise its value. Got a swimming pool? A deck or patio or lanai? Spruce it up and jack up your asking price. Spiffing up the yard does that as well. Trim the trees of deadwood, and mow the grass in the lawn. Rearrange the pots of the plants in the property boundary line or plant new hedges along the fences. Make your house and your lawn great and your selling price will look great as well.

Last, there are the intangibles. A house that is part of the history of wills to sell higher, so make a major selling point as well. Play up that part in history.

Then remember that the amount of the property appraiser is not the last word on what price your home may sell; It is only in fact a starting price. You can raise or lower that price by what you do or not. But then it's time for you to make a decision.

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Source by Connor R Sullivan

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