Are You A Fulltime Or Part Time Realtor? Should We Disclose This Information?

One year and four Realtors later sellers seeks answers!

I have a person who is going to look into his office for advice on selling his home!

I`ve known this one for 18months. His attempts to sell his $ 679,000 home has been futile! Number of times we`ve told him "You get what you pay for" … That means you don`t hire your ex-girlfriend who just got her Real Estate License, the school teacher who is a realtor when convenient or a pastor who thinks our job is not that difficult as it appears! I kid you were the people who were selling this man's home.

I believe it's time that NAR makes us reveal to the public that either we're full time or part time Realtors to the general public. Most sellers would appreciate knowing who's selling their home!

This job entails working 6.5 days a week, 16 hours a day.

We take pride in telling our ads on magazines, net, flyers, open houses, and virtual tours. We are Realtors who are available to answer questions, show properties and make sure you`re home is sold!

That being said, the person has gone into our office today, the pastor had his home sold.

Today, his friend finally admits that the deal is dead! Holy mackerel! It`s almost June and this poor guy is thinking his home was sold! The seller finally has a proven track record!

I just completed the listing agreement, after careful due diligence we agree to make the home for $ 630,000 .. One year and four Realtors later, hey finally agreed to use a professional!

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Scott Daniels

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