9 Reasons to Contact a Commercial Real Estate Agent

1) If you’re looking to acquire property to build your business on, or if you’re looking to acquire property to develop for investment purposes.

2) If you’re a landlord who owns property, whether it be commercial, residential, or industrial, and are looking to lease space but need help finding good, qualified tenants.

3) If you are considering relocating your business’s headquarters, doctors‘ office, restaurant, or retail center, but aren’t sure what your options may be, a commercial real estate agent can help you explore the best areas for your business, why relocating to those areas may make sense for your particular business, research customers and traffic in those particular areas, and can help you find available space.

4) If you’ve got capital to invest in property but are unsure of your options or don’t know where to begin. A commercial real estate agent can help you find properties, whether the land is occupied or vacant, to fit your criteria.

5) If you’ve got property and have already found tenants, but need help drafting a proper leasing agreement between two or more parties.

6) If you’re looking to invest in property but are considering getting into a joint venture agreement. A commercial real estate agent can help you explore your options and determine the best course of action.

7) If you want to sell your property and need someone to properly assess its value, while determining a listing price, marketing your property or space, and showing it to potential buyers, it may help to contact an agent here. A commercial agent will also handle the negotiation process and make sure you’re comfortable with the asking price and the agreement. This person will handle everything through the disposition or final sale process.

8) If you’ve got property that you already own but need someone to manage your property, including handling property maintenance, rent collection, utilities and additional fees, enforce terms of the lease, and be available for emergency support. This is typically handled by a property management company, which many commercial real estate companies operate or have working relationships with. This can be especially valuable for multi-family residences including apartments, condominiums, and townhomes, as you are dealing with a large number of tenants rather than just a few.

9) If you’re looking to purchase a block of condominiums or apartments (but not the entire building), a real estate agent can notify you of opportunities to purchase these types of properties which are available. You can then lease these properties to tenants and handle them yourself or have a property management company handle them.

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