Before and after this, it is necessary to make the definition of each term first.

Retail and industrial are both considered 'commercial real estate' (as opposed to 'residential real estate'). Commercial real estate refers to buildings or land; industrial and retail are simply sub-categories of commercial real estate.

First and foremost industrial property is defined as a property. This is usually zoned for light, medium or heavy industry.

Retail property is a commercial property, located on the outskirts of the city, only a short distance from the city center

General, businesses that occupy commercial real estate often lease the space.

There are four primary types of commercial real estate leases, each requiring different levels of responsibility from the landlord and the tenant


Double net lease – Tenant is responsible for paying rent, property taxes and insurance. Tenant is responsible only for.

[9] [8] [9] [8] [8] rent;

1) Attractive appearance. If you are interested in the property, please contact us – the last thing you need is a vacant commercial property in Sydney for any length of time.

2) Aesthetic entrance – first impressions, simple, simple stuff. This is a great tool for putting your prospective clients into a great frame of mind … and their clients

3) Natural light – in very high demand nowadays

4) Location – close to other offices, public amenities, transportation, etc.

Since 1980, retail property has returned an average of 9%, though is currently returning around 6%.

And, of course, this is not the case, but it is not the case 're considering, read the lease carefully. Sounds like a silly thing to say, but you'd be very surprised.

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