3 Quick & Easy Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

I had to fire a Seller; no matter how I delivered the suggestions as her real estate professional, she just would not listen. I was contacted by the Seller and asked if I would list her house. I knew from mutual associates this gal was pretty eccentric so I took on the challenge. Just so happened a home improvement show was filming in Denver at the time and looking for features. I sent the producer photos and a brief description of my Seller and her home. The producer called me within seconds of me firing off the email. Porcelain Chicken & Pink walls do not sell homes…

1) The Prospective New Buyer Loves to See „Light & Bright“, so clean and De-clutter Your Home A.S.A.P.: Remove your personality; place as many personal effects into boxes and bring them to storage. This will help to make it look bigger and cleaner. The Buyer will then be able to envision their own belongings & style in the home. Avoid using bright colors and too many personal effects.

2) Maintain Curb Appeal: Get your landscaping in shape. Weeds and dead grass take away from the home’s overall first impression. Buy some seed & feed, pull the weeds, trim the bushes and pick up the debris. Don’t just do this once, you have to stay on top of it and take care of the landscaping weekly.

3) Price it Right: Don’t just listen to your neighbors, you can’t estimate on what someone sold for on the block 3 years ago. You have to be realistic and logical; this is an area where emotion cannot become involved. http://www.Zillow.com is a good free website where you can get a good idea of value. Though not set in stone, you need to consider your amenities, square footage and location. Best advice is to be realistic and logical – put yourself in the Buyer’s frame of mind. Seriously, consider what you would pay for the property and keep in mind everyone can justify a purchase if they can perceive and justify the value. We all love a great deal…Right?

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Source by Kate O’Toole

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