10 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Staging your home is very important when selling your home. Not properly staging a home in a reduced offer price. Take a look at the following tips on successfully staging your home.

  1. Take a look at the front of your home first. Does the siding need repair, repainting, or washing? If so, this is the Buyer's first impression so make the needed adjustments. In addition, a colorful seasonal wreath on your front door accent the front entryway.
  2. When your home is going to make a presentation, make sure to turn on numerous lights throughout the home. In addition, any bulbs are burned out.
  3. A fundamental rule when selling your home is to keep all colors neutral from paint to carpet. Avoid highly patterned wall paper and unusual color choices as the buyer for your home may not have the same preferences. Neutral is best!
  4. The smell of a home has more impact than you might expect. Be aware of any odors that are lingering in your home from cooking, pets, laundry, or tobacco. Neutralize odors by replacing soiled carpeting, thorough cleaning, or a fresh vanilla plug-in by the front door.
  5. DE-CLUTTER! The Buyer to your home does not want to look at your "stuff", they want to look at your home. Take down all personal photos, excess wall décor, & collectables. In addition, remove any oversized furnishings that make you feel cramped or unorganized.
  6. Make the bathroom shine! Freshen up the bathroom with a new shower curtain, rug, and white linen towels. The appearance of fresh linens wants to make the room feel clean.
  7. The Kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the whole house. Make sure this room is spotless and smells fresh. Remove as many items as possible from the countertop, take all the magnets and paperwork off the refrigerator, hide the trash can, wipe down all the cabinetry, & add some fresh paint.
  8. Add a fresh vase of flowers or a bountiful bowl of fruit to the center of your dining table. This colorful statement is sure to draw the buyer's eye and attention to detail.
  9. A fireplace is one of the best selling features of a home. Make sure that the buyer can appreciate this amenity and that it is not cluttered with personal items.
  10. Manicure the landscaping! Trim the shrubs, rake the leaves, roll up the garden pants, plant some colorful flowers, freshen up the bark or stone, etc …

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Source by Tiffany Holtz

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