Seat Belts on School Buses: Pros and Cons

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Over the past few months, the sudden spate of school bus accidents across America has given rise to a new debate with regard to the use of seat belts on school buses – Should wearing seat-belts be made mandatory? Surprising as it may sound, there are two opposing sides to this topic. While many assertions have been made in the past, it has been a good idea to have a seat with a seat

Although most accidents and injuries occur in the school bus itself, children who are strapped in their seats are more likely to remain safe in case there is a collision or an accident. On the other hand, what happens if the children are on the bus? In case of a collision, the children who are not strapped. While the children who are seated on the other side of the body, Concerns have been made in the past, but they have not been able to do so. (19459002)

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  • Saves lives in high speed crashes
  • Prevents children from being jostled around

  • Reduces death, accident impact and body injuries
  • Helps improve behavior on the bus

  • Children need to be educated about the importance of wearing seat belts