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I've often approached and asked about my home staging skills. I have recently emailed this same question in addition to quite a few sender & # 39; s product. Still I am looking forward to a career in Home Staging.

Whatever its true intentions, I thought these were questions that would otherwise be of benefit to me.

Inquiry: My wife is interested in becoming a home stager. I have a few questions, can you tell me:

Q: How long does it take to get certified?
A: Depends on the program and it depends on her. It could be as short as a day, 3 days, a few weeks or a few months.

Q: Exactly what in particular is she going to learn?
A: Again, depends on the program. Most programs touch on the business side, but they mostly focus on the design side – HOW TO STAGE.

Q: How much do the classes cost?
A: Depends on the program. I'm saying on average about $ 2- $ 3000 is what I'm seeing.

Q: Are the classes online or in person?
A: Depends on the program – most "certification" programs are in person.

Q: If they are in person, what is the schedule for classes?
A: You've got to do individual research on each program – they should have class schedules on their website.

Q: What is the job market for stagers?
A: Depends on the individual person, how much they're getting to and from the course, where you are located.

Q: On average, what is a typical charge for staging?
A: This would depend on where you are in the country. I'm in CA and the average consultation is around $ 200- $ 300 and the average staging is probably around $ 1500- $ 2500. Of course, everyone's fees are different depending on their experience, situation and what the needs of the client are.

Q: Is there anything else that she may need to know before starting out with this?
A: Yes … what is the motivation for getting into the staging business? Does it understand that it is in fact, a business? If she is like many women I & # 39; ve met and know of, design is a hobby and the idea of ​​getting paid for doing what she loves is appealing, but if she's afraid to network, market , talking to people, having no sales experience / business background, she wants to have a hard time.

It's a competitive business now (depending on where you are) and the real estate market is very different. The entire real estate industry and related businesses are undergoing a major change – it & # 39; s not the same ball game anymore. What I described earlier is a common problem among Home Stagers – starting a hobby business and not having the skill set or the guidance to run a successful business.

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