Buying Property From Owners With Delinquent Taxes – How To Get It On For $ 200 Or Less

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If you're already figured out, this investment is a taxing proposition, you're a step ahead Of the crowd. (Noun, masculine) taxation (noun, feminine) taxation (noun, feminine) taxation. Buying property owners with delinquent taxes, on the other hand, is a cash cow. Here's how to get it for $ 200 or less, in 3 simple steps.

1. Wait for about 9 months after the sale. At this time, you can check it out. These folks are not going to be. Desperate sellers are what you want.

So, by now any straggling mortgage companies will have redeemed. So most of these properties will be free and clear.

2. See what the owner & # 39; s plan is. If they 've decided to move on, great. Offer them some money for their time signing over their deed – tell them you want to see if you can do something with it before tax sale. This is one big way to get $ 200 or less.

If they still want to sell, offer them $ 200 for their deed, and negotiate a share for them. Or you can get the property back to them, or hit a similar deal.

3. Pay the taxes off. Pay off the taxes, record the deed in your name, and the property's yours.

4. Or, flip the property before paying the taxes. If you do not have the money, do not worry about it, it's a good idea. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

There is no other surefire way to get property for this cheaply, and if you 're an investor who' s just starting Out without a lot of capital, this will be the best way for you to get your feet wet and make some money. This technique works, and you'll see that if you give it a shot, you can get your property investing business off the ground a lot faster than trying to rehab or invest at tax sale.

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